Israel Votes 2003 - Israeli Democracy in Action
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>> Kadima Leads But Likud Might Govern
>> High Turnout After Sleepy Campaign
>> Election Day: 5.2M Israelis Can Vote

Tough Decisions, In Tough Times

These are not easy times for Israel. The 54 year-old Jewish State faces tough political, defense, economic and social challenges. Politically, Israel remains a country yearning for peace but divided over how to attain that elusive goal. Ironically, the far-reaching peace bid by former Prime Minister Barak gave impetus to a brutal Palestinian terror campaign that has left nearly 700 Israelis dead in the past two years and deeply affected the lives of Israelis. It has also all but wrecked one of Israel's economic mainstays, tourism, at a time when the once red-hot Israeli high-tech sector is in crisis due to the worldwide technology slump. As if this were not enough, the shrinking tax base coupled with increased tax expenditures on defense and unemployment programs threaten Israel's welfare system, leaving many pondering the future uncomfortably.

Casting a Vote for a Brighter Future

It is with these concerns - and more - that Israelis will go to the polls on January 28, 2003. Although over the years Israelis have regularly surpassed the remarkable 75% mark in voter turnout, with the stakes so high this election may best those turnout levels.

Make Your Voice Heard

Even though you might not be a citizen of Israel, casting a vote on helps strengthen democratic values as you will learn about the Israeli parliamentary system. As you learn about Israel's vibrant democracy, we encourage you to explore the issues facing the country and the key political parties and players.

Then, when you've made your decision, cast your vote!

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