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Results of the 2003 Israeli Election

Soon after the polls closed, it was clear that the 2003 Israeli election would be a landslide, the only question was the final margin of victory. When all the votes were counter, Ariel Sharon's Likud party had won the largest electoral victory in the history of Israeli elections. The results reflected a general voter shift towards more conservative parties - not surprising given the environment of prolonged terror at the time.

The big losers were Labor and Meretz. Both parties were devastated, with Labor losing 27% of its previous power and Meretz 40%. The big winner - aside from the Likud - was Shinui whose anti-orthodox platform resonated with disaffected Labor and Meretz voters. Shinui's pragmatic center-right stance regarding negotiations with the Palestinians and a Palestinian state also wooed Labor and Meretz supporters who felt both parties were detached from the reality of the security situation.

For more information on the election results visit the official Knesset site by clicking here.

Following is a chart that compares 2003's results with those of the 1999 election.

Results of Israeli Elections 2003