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Election Downloads!

On this page you can download election related content and promotional materials. To preview the materials prior to download, place your cursor over the link!

Election Content and Materials

Promotional Flyers

Following materials will be updated shorty for 2009 Israeli Elections.

PDFHasbara Brochure Inside
PDFHasbara Brochure Outside
PDFShort Platforms of All Parties
PDFPolitical Spectrum & Left-Right Blocs
PDFDemocracy and Diversity
PDFOffline Voting Ballot

These funky materials help you generate awareness and interest about your Israel election!

Featuring Parties & Politicians

PDFHasbara Elections 09 Poster
PDFKadima & Tzipi Livni
PDFLabor & Ehud Barak
PDFLikud & Benjamin Netanyahu
PDFYisrael Beteinu
PDFShas Party
PDFPensioner's Party & Right Wing Parties
PDFMeretz and Green Leaf Party
PDFArab Parties

If you would like to access additional materials to help you promote the election please click here.